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Book NOW for your team building!Cherie Kossmann Lace Platters

Anyone can be artistic or creative, a little guidance is all that is needed. There is nothing more fulfilling for myself to create an art piece where I can stand back and look at it and say: “I really made that.” Art does not need to be intimidating or scary, it should be fun! And that’s what I am planning to bring to my students.

I offer pottery classes for beginners who is looking to relax, meet new people, start an exciting hobby or even make a living in the future.

Anyone can attend classes, you do not need an artistic background or experience.

Hand building techniques is my forte, so my main focus will be on that - I will teach you different building techniques, from building a simple pot to sculpting. Also basic firing techniques, mold making, slip casting, glazing and many more interesting pottery “need to knows”.

Beautiful Cokkie Jars

Beautiful Cookie Jars

In the interim I would like my classes to take part in exhibitions held in the Western Cape during the year and have group exhibitions at our premises for close friends & family. I would also arrange workshops by other artists as you can never learn too much!

Team Buildings:

I also host Team Buildings, Kitchen Teas & Workshops for different events. I have hosted for companies like Old Mutual, Metropolitan, Media 24, Allan Gray & Juta Books.

It has become very popular with companies to empower their employees by encouraging team work to get a positive end result in the working environment.  And what a great way to do that other than POTTERY CLASSES! It

Old Mutual 2011

is something fun and different, no experience needed!

Male, female, young, old, they all enjoy themselves equally!

Different projects to suite each company will be brought to the table whereas team work will be the key word. From building a master art piece for the daring, to painting pottery, designing & making a winning group installation.

I can come to your venue if required.

37 comments to Pottery Studio & Classes

  • Belinda

    Hey Cherie, I cant wait for your classes to start, I think you have a great idea going here…well needed in this area!

  • Hi Belinda! Neither can I, very excited!!

  • James

    Gratz I hope it works out for you.

  • Guys, it’s almost April! How exciting, get the creative blood pumping so long!

  • Hi guys, the studio is up and running! We are having great fun. This first month is almost over & some of my students are already taking place in small competitions!
    Remember to tell a friend or a family member about the classes!

  • Mother Day Special:
    Date:9 May
    Price: R90 per person
    What: Make something creative & paint a mug/plate/teapot….with your mom/grandma/step-mom/mother in law…
    I will give cake & coffee for this event!
    Book NOW as space is limited!

  • Belinda

    Cherie, just to let you know that I am soooo enjoying your pottery lessons, they are fun, relaxing, happy, warm…oh and not to mention the good coffee and yummy croissants!

  • Belinda

    How about posting some pic’s of your studio and some of the students work!

  • Cherie

    Hey, I will be posting pics asap, have been wanting to do this since last week already. I just get so busy! Have a lot of fab pics! I want to do my website over as well. The dark colours are not working atm for me.

  • Belinda

    Cool! And cant wait to try out your wheel! Cu Sat!

  • Cherie

    I am busy with my new website so I will not be posting any new pictures yet! Please be patient as this takes a while. Thank you!

  • Hi Cherie, where are you situated. I really would love to do the pottery for our Teambuilding in September.

  • Please check out my contact page. I have a map there :)

  • Ck-ramics is hosting a Christmas Workshop on 5 December 2009. Book now to avoid disappointment!

  • Linda

    Cool girl cool very proud of you enjoying the pottery tremendously takes me to my own world!

  • Lee

    Girl, learning something I’ve always wanted to do has been an incredible journey so far. You are a wonderful teacher with loads of patience and a great sense of humor….much required with some of us! Watch and wait….if the Higher Order wills it….I shall be bugging you re wedging and sprigs and slip and firing etc etc……..for a blerrie long time to come!

  • I’m so glad that everyone is enjoying themselves! I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and in the process to be able to make a difference in so many peoples lives.

  • Cherie

    It is the last Workshop for 2009!
    Not one to miss!

    Date: 5 December 2009
    Time: 12:30-15:30/16:00
    Place: Unit 5, 4 Nina Street, Brackenfell

    What we are going to do: Paint 4 Pottery Christmas decoration (great to give away as a gift) / paint available bisque ware (different green-ware to choose from)
    Make 2 eggnog cups out of slabs (personalize it!)

    If you want anything specific to paint let me know! Remember the bigger it gets the more expensive they are!

    Price: R140 per person
    Includes: coffee/tea/juice & mini quiche

    Book before the 1st of December to avoid disappointment!

    Kind Regards,
    Cherie Kossmann
    Cell:076 410 0585

  • Nazelle

    Hi Cherie

    Just a note to say much I really am enjoying the classes. I’m learning lots from yourself and everyone in class. Working with clay is really an awesome medium of self-expression and so therapeutic, healing the inner-self.

    Thanks so much.

  • Thank you so much Nazelle! I am also learning so much from everyone. It is amazing how creative everyone can be.
    I have seen the beginner turn into a very capable student and the unsure building up confidence!
    This has always been my dream to teach and what better way than to teach something creative and so therapeutic like you said!
    You are extremely talented and I think you have a clay bright future ahead of you :)

  • Welcome back to all my students! This year is going to be even more fun filled!

    Also check out my gallery, there is life!

    UPDATE: We are moving studio soon, to a bigger, better factory!

  • Belinda

    Hey Cherie,
    Your website is coming on nicely, love the new look!

  • I am now hosting Mosaic Workshops for your team! Contact me for a quote!!!

  • Louise Prince

    Hi There

    My son Nahum is 8 years old and he is interested in Coming to your studio in the holidays.
    Please let me know if this is all possible.

    Thank you
    Louise Prince

  • Oh! I’m excited about this pottery class you did. I’m hoping I could find pottery workshop to here in my place. I just love pottery making so much especially when it comes to exploring of new designs.

  • Finally a smart blogger…I love how you’re thinking and writing!

  • Hi Louise, at the moment we don’t host just children classes, only groups and kids parties.
    If we do start, I will definitely let you know!
    Thank you

  • Belinda (Bee)

    Hey madam Cherie,

    You need to complete your “About Me” tab on your profile!!!!

  • Nicola

    Are you still offering classes?

  • Hi Nicola,

    I am still offering classes in Bellville. Please email me for more information.

  • Hi Louise,

    We are now doing kids classes. Saturday mornings or mid day. Please email me if you need more information!

  • Ck-ramics is a proud sponsor of wedding favours for the FAB WEDDING EXPO 2013, held in Grand West Casino in May! Visit my events page to find out more!

  • Phillipa

    Dear Cherie

    I am looking for an activity to do with a fellow mom. Is it possible to join for a class on a saturday once off. What are the fees? Any suggestions… We could come one month and then finish off the project the next…

  • Good morning, could you please send me a map and directions to your studio, we are there for a team build on Thursday 22nd August. Thank you.

  • I have emailed you :) Looking forward in meeting your team!

  • Travis

    Good morning,

    My girlfirend and I are interested in taking a few pottery classes as a fun activity that we can both attempt. Would your classes be suitable for this type of interest? Also, would it be possible for you to include in a reply the fees associated with the classes? Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back from you soon! I wish you a very happy festive season!

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